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The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad 2019 - Welcome on Board!

In 2019, The Tall Ships Races will return to Fredrikstad for the third time. Once again, the river and the city will be filled with proud ships, their majestic rigs and youthful crew.

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Her ser du hvor skutene ligger, hvor scenene er, og hvor du kan få deg en matbit.

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River concert with Cameron Carpenter during the tall ships party

The world famous organ player Cameron Carpenter (38) is coming to The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad with his custom-built organ. The concert is in the middle of the river Glomma, on top of a newly built pram by Håpets Katedral.

Cameron Carpenter

Carpenter`s often featured as a rock star in the organ world. He has taken the organ out of the church by building his own digital organ, named the International Touring Organ (ITO). Alongside his digital organ, he has toured Australia, New Zealand, Russia, USA and Asia.

– When Carpenter takes a seat at his organ, you have to be prepared for anything from Bach to Pirates of the Caribbean. The river makes our city unique, and we`re looking forward to using it as a concert venue. The fact that we are using a pram built by Håpets Katedral makes it extra special, says Cultural Developer at Fredrikstad kommune, Åshild van Nuys.

– It will be a spectacular experience from the pier in Fredrikstad with tall ships everywhere you turn, set to organ music, adds Project Manager for The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad, Ingar Guttormsen.

The concert is a cooperation between the Egil-Hovland festival and the Cultural Department in Fredrikstad kommune, supported by Borg diocese, Stene Stål Gjenvinning, Metallco Stene and Knif Trygghet Forsikring. Håpets Katedral is also a central collaborator for The Tall Ships Races.

– This is Carpenter`s first concert in Norway with his digital organ. We might also get to hear something from our own great composer, Egil Hovland, says Emil Skartveit, Festival Chief for the Egil-Hovland festival.

The river stage will be placed in front of Båthuset Scene so that the audience get a great view from both sides of the river, from the footbridge, and from the restaurants alongside the riverside promenade. Large screens are being put up as well, so that everyone can enjoy Carpenter`s powerful technique with both his hands and feet. 

Friday July 12. At 22.00 at the river stage outside Båthuset Scene. The concert lasts for 2x30 min, with a 15 min break. The concert is free and open to all.

Marine theme park at Isegran

Every activity and experience is free when The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad creates an entire arena for families at Isegran during the tall ships party.


The river fills with more than 70 ships when Fredrikstad is hosting The Tall Ships Races. The long weekend July 11th - 14th – proud ships, youthful crewmembers, great food, concerts, cultural events and a myriad of life will set its mark on the city. Just a short walk from the city center lays Isegran, where we will create an entire maritime arena especially for families.

The theme park offers numerous activities where children amongst other things can make key chains and learn how to tie knots. The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad consider the environment a priority, and invites several environmental organizations to host activities for children at Isegran.

The Russian pirate ship Shtandart will dock at Isegran. The ship has canons and the crew likes to dress up as pirates! The Elias-boat will also come to visit.

For the slightly older children, or young adults, there will be a free concert with Kjartan Lauritzen at Amfiet on Isegran, Thursday July 11. The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad also has an arena in the park by the library where both Silya and the Sailors and Moddi will be performing.


Activities on Isegran


The following ships will be moored at Isegran: Morgenstern, Gratitude, Jolly Breeze, Shtandart, Jens Krogh and LOA. The ships will accept visitors from 12.00 – 21.00, unless there are any private events on board. (Thursdag July 11 from 11.00).

Information tent

Lions Kråkerøy staffs the information tent. Here you will receive information about activities on the island and other useful info, as well as aid if you need it.

Maritime Center

Stop by to see how Maritime Center executes their restoration missions on different ships and vessels. On the outside, you can see the creation of a brand new mast and other maritime tasks performed. Come inside the venue to get a tour and to hear about work done on the vessel Jelsa.

Creative plastic workshop for children of all ages

At the building site for Håpets katedral you can learn about, and play with plastic from the ocean. Kystlotteriet has contributed with plastic from the ocean, collected from numerous clean-up trips to the beaches, and will be present together with Håpets Katedral and Guerilla Plastic Movement – which offers versatile and creative activities.

You can participate in trash-bingo, spin the wheel of fortune with questions regarding the ocean, create hope-catchers or a collage of plastic, or maybe join in the hunt for mermaid tears. The awesome and colorful PlastoKrill will make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Ytre Hvaler Nasjonalpark (Ytre Hvaler National Park)

The visitor center Ytre Hvaler takes care of all information related to the national park. Ytre Hvaler Nasjonalpark celebrates 10 years in 2019 and offers many activities. During The Tall Ships Races, you can visit their stand on Isegran, and get to know Ytre Hvaler.

Activity trail

Fredrikstad Speiderne (scouts) have created a copious activity trail where you can test your skills. You can try; climbing soda boxes, balancing on a slack rope, whittling and join a treasure hunt. If you get hungry, go to the bakery run by Fredrikstad Speiderne. (Soda box climbing is open from 12.00-15.00. The other activities are open from 11.00-18.00).

The sailing yacht Urda

Restoration of the sailing yacht Urda is ongoing on the south side of the island. Inside their premises, you can learn about pulleys and lifting equipment, and test it yourselves. You can also buy refreshments.

The full-rigged ship Najaden

Najaden was built in 1897 and is being restored at Isegran. Take a trip on board and see how far along they have come. You can learn about splicing and braiding ropes, and learn about alternative materials to plastic. Najaden sells self-made products and some refreshments.

Rescue company

The rescue company does important work regarding safety at sea. They will be present at Isegran with a rescue vessel, which accepts visitors. In addition, they will bring to of their popular Elias-boats, which the children can try out and drive safely.

MS Hvaler

This ocean liner was built on Fredrikstad mek. Verksted in 1892, and operated a route between Fredrikstad and the Hvaler-islands for nearly 90 years. It was rebuilt in 1948, switching from steam to diesel. Stiftelsen DS Hvaler`s goal is to restore it to its 1948 condition. A large group of volunteers are at work at Isegran trying to do the last finishing restoration touches. You can climb on board and learn the vessels history, get a tour, and learn about tying knots and knots (speed).

Motorvernlaget Tøffe

Motorvernlaget Tøffe preserves and restores old boat motors. Stop by, watch and learn how these old motors still work and function today.


Plus-skolen (school) keep old craft traditions. I addition to gold smithing and shoemaking, they offer classes in boatbuilding and will show of their work at Isegran.

Historical walk for children

Larsen, the guide, will give a musical and humorous insight into Isegran’s history. Join a tour of the island and learn about its known and unknown history. The walk is free. Thursday July 11 and Saturday July 13 at 12.00 and 14.00. Meet up 15 minutes before by the Service tent, by the entrance to the island.

Fredrikstad Museum

Friday July 12, Fredrikstad Museum invites you to two copious and exiting tours on Isegran. You will be guided through the different time eras on the Island – from the time of MindreAlv in the 12th century through to the modern age. The tour starts by Det Gule Huset (the yellow house) and finishes at the bust of Erling Johansen. The walking tour is free. Friday July 12 at 12.00 and 14.00.

Magasinet Isegran

The café Magasinet Isegran is open from 11.00-20.00 all days during the tall ships party. You can enjoy food and refreshments in a scenic environment.


The six Rotary clubs in Fredrikstad will be present at Isegran promoting the clubs and the work they do. They will display photos and texts from previous Tall Ships Races, in cooperation with Fredrikstad kommune.

Crew activities

Friday July 12 from 10.00-14.00 you can watch the crews from the tall ships compete in different maritime activities at Isegran. Come watch the competition and find out who will be victorious!


The following concerts and events will play at Amfiet at Isegran:

Thursday July 11 – 15.00: Opening Ceremony. Free.

Thursday July 11 – 20.30: Concert with Kjartan Lauritzen w/guests. Free.

Saturday July 13 – 21.00: Closing concert. Musical Fireworks – Rhapsody in Rock. NB. Hosted by Østfold Music Production – tickets at www.fredrikstadkino.no

See the whole program here.

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